Financial Planning

At Walsh Consulting we believe in working with you to create clarity in your financial affairs. We work closely with businesses, families and individuals to help them to achieve these plans.

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Savings & Investments

We will work with you to ensure that your money works harder for you. With interest rates being considerably low in Ireland, your savings are losing money on deposit in your local bank account or credit union. If you are looking to save for the medium to long term horizon, an Investment or Savings Plan can help you achieve your future goals & objectives.

Retirement Planning

Planning for Retirement is one of the most important parts of your Financial Plan. If you would like to continue with a good standard of living in retirement, now is the time to start saving and avail of great tax benefits.

At Retirement

Life Assurance & Family Protection

Having a protection plan in place is an effective way of providing peace of mind knowing that you have protected the people and items that are most important to you. Nobody wants to think about the worse case scenario but planning for all eventualities is intrinsic to your Financial Plan.

Business Protection

 Many businesses never factor in the enormous loss or uncertainty a business would face if a key staff member were to become seriously ill or pass away. Small to medium size businesses can be heavily dependent on the skills, experiences and business contacts of a few key employees/directors. The death of these could have devastating effects on the business. Therefore, one may need to consider putting Key Person assurance in place, i.e. life assurance on the Key Person with the benefit payable to the company.

Partners in a partnership are all personally responsible for all the debts of the business. If one partner goes bankrupt or fails to pay taxes, the other partners are liable for all the taxes HI involved. Therefore, partners should consider effecting Partnership Assurance, which is Life assurance to ensure that, on death, sufficient money will become available to enable the surviving partners to buy the shares of the deceased partner.


Inheritance Planning

Proactive estate planning can save families from a financial perspective and can substantially reduce emotional pressure on families during an extremely difficult time. We will work with you closely to put a plan in place to proactively minimise potential inheritance tax burdens.

Redundancy Planning

It is important to understand all the options made available to you. You will need to understand your pension options also and ensure that your are making the correct decision at that time. We will assist you to navigate this process.


Our Step by Step Process


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We will have an initial chat to get to know you and understand the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your financial goals.


We will establish and collate all the information we need to gain a thorough view of your current financial position. This will help us to create the right financial plan for you.


We will analyse your current circumstances to identify the possibilities and opportunities but also any potential pitfalls that may lay ahead.


We will use the information we have gathered along with extensive research of the market to select and recommend a solid holistic financial plan to you. We encourage lots of interaction at this stage to ensure that the plan is exactly right for you.


We will put your personalised plan into action.

Review & Monitor

Our commitment to you is ongoing and we will make sure to track your progress and to consistently monitor and review.