At Walsh Consulting we believe in working with you to create clarity in your financial affairs.

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Consulting: Financial Planning

Our approach – Holistic Financial Planning.

At Walsh Consulting we believe in working with you to create clarity in your financial affairs. We work closely with businesses, families and individuals to help them to achieve these plans. We do this by carrying out the following steps:

  • Creating a profile of each client to understand them and their financial goals.
  • Carrying out an audit of their existing portfolio.
  • Following the above steps, we work with each client to create a tailored, competitive and clear financial plan.
  • Reviewing the plan and its component parts on a regular basis with the client to ensure that it is relevant to their circumstances at all times.

Financial Plan Options

Retirement Planning

Pension planning is one of the most advantageous provisions that still attracts tax-relief at your marginal rate.

Pre Retirement

  • Personal Pensions (self employed/sole traders/PAYE non pensionable)
  • PRSAs (as per Personal Pensions above)
  • AVCs (Additional Voluntary Contributions)(Public/Private Sector)
  • Executive/Directors Pensions : Company Directors/Key employees
  • Group Pensions: pension schemes for employees
  • QROPS – Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme

Post Retirement

  • Approved Minimum Retirement Funds (AMRF)
  • Approved Retirement Funds (ARF)
  • Annuities

Previous Employment

I have a pension from an old job. What are my options?

In most cases, the best option will be the Personal Retirement Bond (PRB) since it;

  • Maintains the accumulated benefits and retirement options related to your salary and service,
  • Maintains the same tax-free lump sum entitlements available under the main scheme,
  • Allows you to manage your investment strategy and gives you complete control over your asset.

A Personal Retirement Bond allows you to assume ownership of your investment so you can manage it effectively, monitor how it’s doing and make changes if required.

When you leave a pension behind you still attribute it to your old employer and it can be hard to move it the more time goes by. Transferring it to a personal retirement bond is a statement to yourself that you want to be in control of your assets.

Health Insurance Planning

We at Walsh Group can research and advise you on the best health insurance in Ireland at the lowest premium. Our staff have the expertise to help you navigate the maze of health insurance plans to ensure that you have a suitable plan that caters to your needs and requirements.

Choosing the right health plan or provider is a difficult task and you can be assured of our help in understanding the process and confusing lingo which will ultimately end up with you saving money. Talk to one of our expert financial advisors today to start planning for your future.

Investment Strategies

We all have plans for the future whether it be to create a ‘rainy day’ fund or planning for our children’s education, we can help you design the most appropriate plan for you.

ECB interest rates have been at zero since 2014 which is not good for you the Investor. Any monies you have on deposit/savings are @ 0% (or just above) interest rates. The goal is to make your money work for you and to do so in an informed and calculated way to benefit from the performance in certain areas of the marketplace. It is our job to manage these funds to maximise your return within your selected risk profile. We also specialise in reviewing existing investment strategies to ensure that they match your current and future requirements.

Corporate/Company Funds

The current challenges for Corporates and Company funds are as follows.

  • Zero or negative Interest rates.
  • Any income arising from deposit money is subject to annual corporation tax rate of 25%.
  • Company is responsible for payment of annual tax.

Company Investment facilitates the following.

  • Company can defer tax on the investment until the 8th anniversary of the policy, so an ability for the fund to grow tax free within first 8 years if no withdrawals.
  • Exit tax charged at 25% on earlier encashment.
  • Responsibility of payment of tax rests with Life Company.


With over 30 years combined experience as mortgage advisors we have excellent relationships with most lenders operating in the Irish market offering professional advice and services to new and existing clients.

There are so many questions when thinking about buying or building a house, whether or not it is your first experience on the property ladder.

  • Do I qualify for a mortgage?
  • How much money can I borrow?
  • What documentation will I need to get approval?
  • Which lender has the best rates available?
  • What is the longest term I can get?
  • Is it better to opt for fixed or variable?

Click here for a quick calculation of your potential repayments.

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